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BASS - Breaks - MUSIC - Tune - HEAVY - Jungle - SAMPLES - Production - TRACKS
Loud - LIVE - house - DANCE - Electronic - FUNKY - DnB - TIDY - Kick
SNARE - Massive - SUB - Vocal - BIG - Sound - HUGE - Dub - RECORD
Speaker - CRAZED - Frequency - NOISE MONSTER


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This website is a list of tracks produced by "Shotty 4HF"
From here you can preview and download the mp3's as released on 4HF Records.
All mp3 files are in high quality stereo and only 50p per track via Paypal.

NOTE** The 2014 page will be updated soon! Also, plans for a more mobile friendly
version of this site are being formulated! Hold tight!
For other latest releases, search "Shotty 4HF" on all well known digital music stores!

The "" website along with the music is an ongoing work in progress.
Tracks have been uploaded from the earliest archives!
With the tracks uploaded by the year they were written and produced
you can follow the tunes back to the beginning of Shotty and 4Hedfones music.

To find out more, click the 'About' button below. Or - Google "SHOTTY 4HF"

**You do not need a Paypal account to download music from this site.
However, all transactions are processed securely by Paypal.
If you have any trouble with your download you can email 4HF Records here:
Typical response time 48hrs

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All tracks written and produced by Shotty, released on 4HF Records. All Rights Reserved.
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This website has absolutely nothing to do with the following -
Shotguns, the latest Shotty software releases, the band in L.A, any Hiphop artists from the US, Manchester or London, bongs and football.
Big, absolutely huge respect to any other artist, company or organization using the same name. This is Shotty, as in Shotty 4HF.
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